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New Toshiba TB6600hq bipolar stepping motor driver (2)

(Follows previous article).

The Toshiba TB6600hq(hg) is a really interesting and very well engineerized IC. We have realized the following double side pcb, using the milling process, slightly modified from the previous one:

 tb6600hq pcb
tb6600 horizontaltb6600hq

 We have replaced the NFab resistors with four normal 1/4w 1 ohm resistors to reduce the inductance and to reach 0.25ohm (better the use of  WSR2 resistor, if available). Torque has been set to '100%' and latch have been set to 'auto'. It worked immediately very well without any modification. We have connected a small nema17 stepping motor (1.5A/ph 3V 5.6ohms) and, at 1/16 step and we could not appreciate any particular noise reaching a step/freq of 340khz.

If the test pcb is used (downloadable from the repository) be careful to connect the top and bottom grounds soldering both sides of the pins of the components (were needed).



Nothing to say, this is a really good IC.  Files are available in the repository.




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