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The Software

Last update: 31/07/2015

The program is very comprehensive, easy to set up, and has a feature that, perhaps, do not exists in any other program for the management of CNC machines: the direct control of the engines trough phases definitions, without the usual signals of step-dir. This means that the engine management is done directly by the pc, saving the purchase of interfaces, integrated circuits traslators ecc..

Will be enough, in fact, the use of only a few transistors to handle the motors directly from the parallel port. Naturally this solution is not suggested at all because of the absence of any form of protection for the PC but, using small engines, this solution could also be taken into consideration.


turbocnc msdos



The program is shareware, this means that people using it has the obligation to indemnify the author of the project (, it manages up to 8 axes either by pulses step-dir that (as the picture above shows) writing directly states (0-1) to be sent to the engine for his movement.
Do not underestimate at all.



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