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The Software

Last update: 31/07/2015

Just few suggestions to prevent some common problems/mistakes of EMC2 installed on an Ubuntu 10.04 realtime kernel. After few checks we have been able to underscore some common mistakes. 

errore rtai


Avoid to update the ubuntu distribution   

Naturally it doesn't work. In such a case the solutions are:

  • reinstall completely the software or
  • modify the grub bootloader using the previous kernel image.

Too many peripherals


Avoid the use of videocameras, networking, usb wireless keys or any other hardware acting on the timing of the operative system. 

If you get RTAPI errors it is possible to try the following steps:

  • run EMC2 as 'root' 
  • try to remove all not necessary hardware;
  • delete all symlinks from the desktop and delete all files in /home/emc2/configs and restart the stepconf wizard again
  • don't run anything during the calculation of the latency tests, then use the pc to realize the differences to get the right max jitter number.


The real time delay error can be even ignored if it is not present during the milling process (in that case this error can bring lost of steps). Sometimes it is not easy realize why EMC2 doesn't work properly or the real time kernel fails to work properly. Sometime it depends by the hardware, other times depends by the software running simultaneously on the p.c.



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