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Electronics for CNC apparates

Last update: 31/07/2015

tb6560 toshiba

It is, nowadays, very common on the market (ebay for instance) to find a lot of controllers based on a very cheap ic: the Toshiba TB6560 considered a modern replacement of the old TA8435HQ. 

If someone needs to power small bipolar stepper motors, there are a lot of small integrated controller/drivers producted by Allegro and other manufacturers. Among them the Allegro A3987 and the Allegro A4983 are really interesting because they can drive bipolar stepper motors upto 1,5-2A using microstepping (upto 1/16).


(At this moment such IC can be considered obsolete). It is an all-in-one driver controller for bipolar motors. Current protection, thermal protection, full-half stepping, upto 2-2.5A (it depends by the package and by the heatsink). A very well engineered ic, including translator and driver, as substitute of the couple L297-L298 (of the past generation). 

The A3982 is an Allegro small and cheap SMD stepper driver with internal translator using the traditional step-dir-enable commands. It can drive easily stepper motors upto 2A/phase at 35V. Very probably it not represents the best example of the Allegro production (only full or half step modes) but it is really cheap and can be purchased very easily. 

The SLA707xM(PR) is the latest Sanken production regarding stepper driver/controller for unipolar motors. It is really interesting and easy to implement. This is another design of the traditional SLA707xM stepper controller ic by Allegro/Sanken.  According to our experience the use of a stepper motor up to 1-1.5A/phase (particularly with software having a 'on-with-step' function) prevents even the necessity of a cooler connected to the ic.

This IC can be considered something in the middle of Allegro-Sanken line for unipolar stepper motors. Probably it is the easier to find on the market. It is really interesting because it's internal circuitry provide a current limiter after a short period of time (around 10 secs) of inactivity.

(L'A3986 is considered obsolete, replaced by Allegro A4989)
 The Allegro A4989 can be considered the natural replacement of the 'old' A3986 (even pin to pin compatibility).  Inside a really small package (TSSOP38) we have a functional step-dir translator and a mosfet gate driver. Using external N-channel mosfets it can be considered perfect to power really big bipolar stepper motors (upto 500W).

A really interesting ic to drive, even with microstepping, a unipolar stepper motor is producted by Sanyo, the STK672-080. This is not a real ic but it is a small module, using small surface components inside a resin case. It is really interesting because can manage upto 2.8 amp/phase without heatsink (3.3 amp/phase with heatsink).

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