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Electronics for CNC apparates

Last update: 31/07/2015

The THB6064 (or TB6564 according to production countries) is one of the newest integrated circuits dedicated to the motion control produced by Toshiba. It is characterized by all common protections (short circuit, overcurrents, temperature, back EMF).

It is characterized by:

. single chip singolo with internal traslator and motor driver;

. steps choice: (1/2,1/8,1/10, 1/16, 1/20, 1/32, 1/40, 1/64); 
. 50 V max voltage; 
. 4 Amp. (4.5 peak) phase/current; 
. thermal, back emf, overcurrent, short circuit protections ; 
. automatic reduction of the current during pauses of the motor; 
. 4 decay modalities (20 to 80 %);
. monitor pin; 
. standard step, dir and enable pins.

In few words a very nice integrated circuit.

All 25 pins pins are disposed on 1.27mm. Such situation allow the horizontal position of the ic on the controller. In this way it can be fixed to an aluminium board to be considere as thermal cooler.o e poter, quindi, fissare il tutto direttamente su piastra di alluminio con funzioni di cooler.

The implementation is quite traditional but it is necessary to underline some peculiarities to be considered during the project:

. all inputs (reset, decay,step selector, step, dir) are internally pulled-down by a 100K resistor;
. the alert pin provides only 1ma;
. VRef between 0.5 e 3V (never exceed 3.5V);

In any case the reading of the datasheet has to be considered a must.

The only critical part regards the choice of the resistors values to set the Vref. Using the suggested values the Vref can vary between 0.3V and 3.2V, inside the limits of the IC.

As usual the schematic (and eagle part lib) is available for the download.

 thb6064 6b6560


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