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Electronics for CNC apparates

Last update: 31/07/2015

(At this moment such IC can be considered obsolete). It is an all-in-one driver controller for bipolar motors. Current protection, thermal protection, full-half stepping, upto 2-2.5A (it depends by the package and by the heatsink). A very well engineered ic, including translator and driver, as substitute of the couple L297-L298 (of the past generation). 


It is necessary to read the L6208 pdf and the application note very carefully before to study the pcb or to modify the schematics. Be careful to the ground signals keeping them (signal ground and power ground), particularly using relatively big motors, separated and joined only in a point on the pcb  (jp2 is the bridge connecting the two masses Gnd and Agnd).

Here the schematics and the pcb:

L6208N STL6208 brd


Test point: (three resistors) 0.6V (2.4A) - 0.5V (2A) - 0.4V (1.5A) - 0.25V (1A) - 0.2V (0.8A)
Test point: (four resistors) 0.6V (2A) - 0.5V (1.5A) - 0.375(1.5A) - 0.25V (1A) - 0.125V (0.5A)

Pay attention to the sensing resistors, use three or four thick film resistors. In this project the pcb has some holes to put on the L6208N  one among a couple of very popular heatsinks made by AAvid or Fisher. This ic can be considered perfect for bipolar motors of 1-1.5A/phase.


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