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Electronics for CNC apparates

Last update: 31/07/2015

This is the traditional couple of ics widely used all over the world to drive a small (up to 1.5-2amp/phase) bipolar stepper motors. Frankly speaking this project is quite old (better a L6208 for bipolar motors or other controller), but these chips are so common and so well known that it is not possible to omit them.



l297 l298


The schematic is very traditional for an half/full step driver. The current sensing resistor is obtained through 2 res. of 1 ohm. It accepts upto 25000 hz input signals and the pwm is around 35 Khz. The max voltage applicable is 32V.

Remember to use a wide alluminium cooler and, if possible, a small fan because the heat generated by the l298 is important.

Please refer to the 297-298 pdf, it is really clear and consider to remove the 8 scottky diodes using on their behalf a L6210 as suggested by the application note of STM.

  • the pwm e' regulated on 35Khz;
  • it is available only full or half step;
  • the project is valid for stepper motors upto 1,5-2A/phase

It is necessary a cooler (The L298 gets quite quickly hot) and, if it is possible, a small fan.



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