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Electronics for CNC apparates

Last update: 31/07/2015

Solid State relays are quite popular as modern replacement of traditional, mechanical, relays. Usually are relatively quite expensive units. Now we'll see how to build one of them (for 110 or 220V) using opto-protection input and driven directly by a pin of the parallel port, normally used in a cnc environment.

BE CAREFUL - 220V is a very high and dangerous  voltages

 if you don't know what you are doing don't do it

The projects is using very few and economical components, here follows schematics and pcb:

solid state relays  SSR 

The picture shows an input/output of 220. For a 110V input/output will be necessary the replacement of the varistor; just as example (there are hundred of varistors on the market):

  • 220V: TNR G271K (or equivalent)
  • 110V: CNR 07D151K (or equivalent)

are very economic components and are used mainly to suppress peak transient on the 220V line (can be even omitted).

A STMicroelectronics triac BTA24 - a 600V/15A can manage a 400-500W device without any heatsink; the MOC3041 is a zero-crossing triac driver optoisolator.

All components can be purchased very easily anywere.



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