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Electronics for CNC apparates

Last update: 31/07/2015

alimentatore CNC

This power supply provides the main supply for the motors and five, separated and stabilized, 5V voltages for the logic of the motor controllers (upto 4) and one for the break out board (or for a fan). It needs of two different voltages: one (9-12V 2A) for the logic and another (18-25V high current) for the motors. 

alimentatore CNC

All grounds of the voltages (motors and logic) are kept separated and connected only by the board of the drivers.

The pcb has room enough to fit three 4700uF/63V electrolytic capacitors (in the picture 3300uF/63V). These capacitors can generally be considered valid for 1-2A motors. If 3A motors are used a screwed capacitor can be connected externally, directly to the rectifier.  

470-1000uF/16V capacitors are used for any of the 5V regulator according to the low current consuption of the logic.

alimentatore cnc

Nothing to say about the schematic, it is very traditional. It uses simple 5V positive regulators accordingly to the fact that the logic of the drivers needs a very limited current, while a normal breakout board (if optoisolated) needs roughly 300-400ma. 

alimentatore cnc pcb

This is the result of the board. As told before the values of the components are not critical and can be changed accordingly to the size of the motors. We have used two bridge rectifier: a 30A external for the motor supply and a 2-4A on the board for the logic.

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