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Last update: 31/07/2015

The electronics has been always a passion of ours. In the web site can be found projects or suggestions of projects related to the CNC machine world or general electronics, particularly regarding the use of those wonderful tools that are microcontrollers .

The electronics of a CNC machine , as described in another section, is not an argument in itself difficult to understand, but it is a set of components that must be sized according to the power of the engines and the CNC machine in general. At its most 'simple' is composed by:

  • a power supply stage ;
  • an electronic control of the motors ( unipolar or bipolar ) ;
  • stepper (or servo) motors.

In this basic configuration can be added, but not absolutely necessary, those components that could facilitate or improve basic configurations:

  • breakout boards to protect the parallel port of the PC, to improve the quality of the signal coming from the same parallel port , or simply to facilitate the connections ;
  • of limit switches to prevent the efforts of the machine to achieve its physical limits ;
  • positioning sensors , in particular for the axis ' Z ' ;
  • Automatic start and stop for milling machine or apparatus for vacuum cleaners , primers coolant etc.etc. ;
  • variable speed drives for milling and DC to AC .

Like when you buy a car, there is a 'standard' configuration to which could be added various optional items, some necessary others, sincerely, less.
Generally we use the term 'hobby' to indicate CNC low power, but this is not entirely true. A stepper motor with current / phase 1A, onnected to a 1mm pitch screw, generates a thrust exceeding 80kg ... a lot, trust me .
This term is used, usually, to indicate the use of specific integrated circuits for which, usually, 3Amp/fase are considered the upper limit for a personal/hobby or semipro activity. For a more powerful machine is preferable to purchase controllers (and machines) created for a professional environment.

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