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Eagle CAD

Last update: 31/07/2015

It has been a while since it was created the script Gcode1, needed to get paths for the realization of printed circuit boards using the milling procedure. It 's natural that a new version, more efficient, replaced the previous one.

gcode 2 ulp


Nothing to say about it, who makes printed circuit boards knows very well how to set the parameters of milling according to the machine and the cutter used. Here is an example, using one of the printed circuit boards provided by eagle as an example.

Write the name of the script to run: run gcode_02.ulp

gcode2 ulp  

You can configure all options for both layers (top and bottom).

gcode 2 ulp   Once started you will get the files required to milling the PCB.
cnc gcode2   Just the top.
gcode 2   Pay special attention not to mark 'clear unused area', this check would eliminate, in fact, all areas outside of the PCB tracks, extending a lot the time required for milling (unless it is a desired operation to simplify the welding of smd components or to create great isolations for instance).
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