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Eagle CAD

Last update: 31/07/2015

While many PCB makers or board houses accept an eagle .brd format, many others request a Gerber fileset to produce a prototype or a small series of pcbs. The whole process, quite simple, has been probably not enough cleared in other sections. Here follows the whole procedure.


  1) Open a board create with Eagle. In the example we have used one of tutorial files include with the package.
     2) Run the ULP drillcfg. It is part of the configuration process to create the excellon drill file 
     3) Select INCH as unit measure (please check this parameter accordingly with the board house. Many of them pretend millimeters as unit measure) and press OK
     4) Press OK to confirm the size of the bit necessary to create the holes of your PCB
     5) Save the file regarding the drill configuration
     6) Start the cam job by pressing the small icon on the top menu as indicated

7) Press on the top menu OPEN - JOB

     8) ..  and select Confirm pressing Open
     9) Select EXCELLON-RACK, choose the previously saved file (demo.drl), verify that 44-Drills and 45-Holes are greyed and then press PROCESS JOB to create demo.drd excellon file.



 AT THIS POINT, USUALLY, THE PCB MAKERS PROVIDE THEIR OWN GERBER.CAM (downloadable fom their respective web sites).

If they accept a generic eagle Gerber274x format follow this procedure otherwise follow their procedure

    10) As before FILE - OPEN - JOB and select

 11) Press the button PROCESS JOB to create all the files necessary to producethe yearned PCB

 12) The job is done. Put all the files in a zip format and send the file to the PCB maker.


 say again. Usually any pcb maker prefers all files named using their preferred extensions and for this reason they provide a modified gerber cam file.

Ask to the manifacturer before send them the job done  

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