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Eagle CAD

Last update: 31/07/2015

Eagle cad is a great software. 
Many of his functions are automatized processes but something must be done by hand. Names and values of the components , for istance, usually are not optimized (for direction and position) but this can be changed by hand just to make a pcb more readable.




As you can see the names and the values of the resistors are very badly positioned making them almost unreadable. We desire, to make the pcb look more professional, to change this position.

This process can be done in a snap using the function SMASH (menu -  edit - smash) and click on the components where we ant to modify these attributes.


Just clicking on any components a cross compares under the value and the name of the components itself.

Immediately after will be possibile to change the position of these attributes making the whole job more professional and readable avoiding confusion and over-impressions of the shapes of the components and their names-values.

Probably it is more difficult to explay the process than to do the job. Have a look to the picture and you can realize by yourself the difference.

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