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Eagle CAD

Last update: 31/07/2015

Here follows a simple example, just to understand the procedure, how to produce a printed circuit board in an hpgl format (directly millable using kcam4, for instance).   The picture shows a simple schematics: a 5v power supply:


Step 1: draw the schematic

schema pcb

Step 2
: Study the pcb according to the rules of the auto-routing and save it

 pcb mill outlines

Step 3
: Run the script mill-outlines.

run mill outlines

Be careful to the parameters.


bottom: (bottom side) must be mirrorized;
rubout: avoid rub out (it's a quite long process just to remove all the copper not used;
mill file: chose the file.

Then generate the hpgl file pressing OK.


Step 4 - END

At this point the hpgl file power.plt, will be ready and generated. Be careful because in this case the PCB is expressed in inches. Using KCAM4, or any other program able to import and/or convert an hpgl file, proceed directly to the milling of the printed circuit to realize considering that many (probably all) cnc machine pilot programs provide a direct conversion of the measures (inch-mm) and of the file (hpgl->gcode).

mill outlines parametri


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