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Last update: 31/07/2015

The tool-cutter connected to a cnc machine must be chosen according to the machining to be performed and to the materials to be milled. As already explained in another article of this site, if the machine is used for the production of printed circuits boards, engravings of plastics or aluminum, light jobs, a 50W Proxxon or a Dremel or any other drill/milling small router can be considered valid.

In the case of processing heavier materials or jobs, however, a good Kress milling machine or a similar, will certainly be more indicated.

Recently, there has been a real invasion of products of Chinese origin (at very low prices) ranging from a simple brushless 200W spindle to a 3kW inverter.

They are also really interesting to be used because they can be managed by the software through the pwm (Mach3 and Emc2 have appropriate functions) or even manually.

Being brushless motors they require specific controllers that predispose the speed by the use of Hall effect sensors and normally the heat generated is controlled by a small fan on the head of the stator.

The lack of brushes, considered a real weakness in any electric motor, extend its life and dramatically reduces maintenance. They have a price usually higher of a normal motor, but the asiatic origin has dramatically reduced it.

A set including power supply, controller, and motor mount like the one in the picture can be purchased for less than 200US$, or even less, cheaper than a good router.


inverter cnc

If, however, the power required is higher than we must pay a look at high speed 3phase motors.

Three-phase spindles, in fact, require a specific inverter which transforms the available voltage (220V single-phase) in a three-phase at predetermined frequency.

The power that comes from such equipment is sometime very high. On the market it is possible to purchase spindles with inverters upto 3Kw that, in all honesty, they come out of the hobbistic environment being able to cut in a single pass wood thicknesses of several millimeters. The inverter is necessary con conver a single phase to a three phases 220V.

What is surprising, however, is the price, exceptionally low.

These engines, considering the heat they generate (reach up to 24000 rpm), normally are equipped with a closed water cooling system while they remain air-cooled for those spindles below the 800W.

However it is not all gold what glitters. We have heard of some spindles of asiatic origin, especially brushless, that had, sometimes, defects regarding the rigidity of the structure, with axes that had excessive play of the stator.

Sometimes, of really good, the asian productions have just the price.

water cooled motor

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