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Last update: 31/07/2015

motore passo passo

All stepper motors suffer from a 'strange' phenomena, particularly al low speeds, that can cause a dramatic lost of torque or even a stall of the motor itself. This phenomenon regards the 'resonance' of the motor, a particular frequency where the motor starts a desyncronization because its natural oscillating frequency has been reached.


Naturally this problem will cause a serious step loss of even the complete stall of the motor even if we are dealing with new motors, very well powered or well driven by the controller.

Using a step generator we can easily see and even touch (by hand) this phenomenon connecting a stepper motor  to a single driver/controller and increasing the frequency very slowly. There is a  point (usually between 20-60 hz) where the motor enters in resounance, can be stopped easily even using a finger and sometimes even stalls by itself. That particular frequency must be avoided.

To solve this trouble we can:

  • avoid to use that particular frequency;
  • use half or microstepping.

The magnetic hysteresis represents the speed with which the magnetic field of the electromagnet of the motor can change in relation to the intensity of the magnetization. Must be clear that a stepper motor of recent productions suffers less from this problem than an old one.

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